Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday {and more}

Every day I feel like this little girl of mine just grows by leaps and bounds.  I can't seem to keep up with all the new things she is doing, learning, talking about and mastering!  It's all just happening so fast.

In June we celebrated Acadia's 4th birthday. FOUR. YEARS. OLD.  No way can she be 4 already.  As a mom, I've tried to embrace every step, milestone met, and change with all my heart; because when a child comes to you a little later in their life, from a different culture, and having survived a rough start, every little thing they do is cause for a celebration, a "woo-hoo," or a high five.  But I secretly sometimes find myself longing for those early days, when she was still just a baby at 18months, and wishing I'd had her from her first breath.

Though she just turned four 2 weeks ago, we have already seen the shell coming off, and not so slowly either!  Suddenly, she is talking up a storm with family and friends, hanging with her cousins (and not caring where mommy and daddy are), and just generally being a more outgoing and confident little lady. 

Where we once met resistance and fear, we are finding acceptance and curiosity.  What was once an emotional challenge that left us all spent and frustrated is now replaced with certainty and determination.

And no one could be more proud of this little girl than her daddy and mommy. 

But one thing has remained the same for this beautiful child, probably from the day she was born.  And that's her smile.  The smile that stole our hearts on June 25th, 2010, and has held them captive ever since. 

So, Happy Birthday to our precious 4 year old (who is soon going to be a big sister). You continually amaze and delight us with your resilience, your joyful spirit and your very silly sense of humor.



  1. Happy 4th !! Acadia is too cute. She and Lia do have the same little hand. And look at that determination with the hockey stick . I love to hear age is gaining confidence and coming out of her shell. You have big things happening this summer. Wishing you all the best

  2. Oh, boy, she's a beauty. Didn't realize our girls were so close in age. What joy they clearly both bring!