Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Snapshot {Spring Planting}

This has been a long cold winter for us and getting out has been hard to do.  Spring is thankfully, finally here!  This past weekend, while it was still pretty cool out, the sun was shining bright, so we took full advantage to get the yard cleaned up.  Cadie is always a big help outside, as it is her favorite place to be!  In between raking, mowing, digging and planting, we played baseball, soccer, had scooter races, and rode our bikes!  The trees and flowers are in full bloom (despite the cold nights) and we are enjoying the fact that we can finally sit outside and enjoy our beautiful neighborhood.  We hope you had a great weekend too!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. I think Cadie is too cute! Love that smile and how much she likes to help! Our little helpers are so fun:)
    That shovel is as big as she is!!! But look at that determination. Have a great week !

  2. she so cute !! As far as I read your blog, I think your daughter comes from the same orphenage as mine.. Wa adopted Camille-Huina last august, forme the Maonan SWI, she is now 8, and is a wonderful little girl. Your daughter is really a nice girl ... Love your pictures !