Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Snapshot {the witching hour}

I have heard other mothers use the term "the witching hour" but never really understood what they meant until I had my own child.  Because Cadie didn't come to us in the traditional way, but through adoption, we went through some tough transitions with our little one.  Cadie was 18 months old when she came home and from the first day, refused to nap!  Only in times of extreme exhaustion, would she close her eyes and nod off, but only if I was holding her!  It has been 2 years, and with the exception of short naps at preschool (we only allow a one hour nap or we are done for at night), our girlie NEVER slows down for a minute.  But there's a time between 4pm and 5pm when she is cranky and fussy and just plain difficult to please.  And without careful planning, it can be like dancing around a grizzly bear.  This is what I call "the witching hour."  Make or break time.  So this is how we handle the witching hour in our house- with art!  I plop her down at the kitchen table with paint, brushes, crayons, stickers, piles of paper, play dough, whatever.  And Cadie just seems to calm down, slow down and relax into another place in her mind.  There isn't a lot of talking... sometimes I'm getting dinner started, sometimes I'm painting too.  But what a difference 30-40 minutes later when my child emerges again, refreshed and calm, and proudly admiring her art that covers just about every inch of wall space in our kitchen.  I hope she carries this habit, along with her walks, into adulthood as I know how well they serve as a source of happiness and pride!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a great idea for down time ! Our little one is exactly like that ... I swear she just doesn't need the sleep that ppl think she should. It can be a huge challenge though ESP since I need my sleep :)

  2. That is a great solution. Wow, that is rough though. I hope she sleeps well at night.

  3. Oh so sweet:) i know that hour, it happens just as the 2 olders are getting off bus & lasts til dinner:(